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Download, install and use the application on your premise. No restrictions or user-based license. You only pay us for the APIs whenever you want to use them. 1 month free API access.



Startup Plan

We help you deploy the application on your server. We install FlinkISO and ONLYOFFICE on your premise, provide training and support for first 3 months. No long term contract.

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Enterprise Support

We help you install the application along with ONLYOFFICE on your premise. You get free training, priority support (TAT <12hrs), free access to APIs and updates & upgrades.

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FlinKISO: ISO Management Software Startup Plan

Startup Plan is specially designed for small or medium size customers who would like to implement one of the best qms software, FlinkISO, on their premise. Startup plan helps organisations in rapid deployment of ISO Management Software, training, initial document management, HTML form creation and more.

Our team works along with the organisation and help them prepare the system and guide them on how to create, edit documents, HTML forms and then use the qms software efficiently.

Startup Plan also provides organisations with flexibility of switching between paid and free services. After 3 months you are free to use the ISO management software without any restrictions. In future if you need any assistance you can either opt-in for our paid services (API access/ Trainings) or use our forum or free support.

Following Services are included in Startup Plan:

  • QMS Software Installation and application Setup
  • ONLYOFFICE Installation
  • Training Session
  • Free access to FlinkISO API for 1st 3 months
  • Priority support via email/phone/chat (30 hours) for 1st 3 months
  • Discount on hourly support after 3 months
  • Updates & Upgrades

Startup Plan Benefits:

With Startup plan, USD.750 (one time payment), you save up-to USD.1665 plus USD.40/hr post expiery of the plan on support charges. During the validity, you enjoy free priority support, active help from our team during implementation, updates & upgrades.

ServicesPrice (USD)Startup Plan
Installation Service150Included
Training Service150Included
API access for 3 months240Included
Priority Support for 3 months1875Included
Support after 3 months85/HrSave USD.40/Hour
Total2415Save 1665 + 40/Hr
Startup Plan 750One time payment

How to proceed with the plan?

If you have already downloaded the application, contact us at [email protected].

If you have not yet downloaded the application, visit : Free QMS Download and download the application. After you download the application, contact [email protected] and our team will guide you with the next setp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when our Startup Plan expires?
Once your startup plan expires, you continue to use the application without any restrictions. If you wish to use APIs after the expiry, you pay USD.80/month against API charges. Also additional support is charged.

Are there any technical or other restrictions after the expiry?
No. Application remains same. Restrictions are only on support & API access.

Why do you charge for APIs
API is not open source or free. We host them on our server, maintain & regularly update them with new features. We charge nominal fees against this.

What happens to the HTML forms that we create using APIs after the expiry of the plan?
Forms that you have already created will continue to function without any restrictions. You only need APIs to create additional forms or edit existing forms .

Can we upgrade our plan for additional 3 months?

What Clients Say?

The FlinkISO Online System certainly has revolutionized our business, it certainly allows us to work "smarter, not harder".

The online tracker, database, reports and graphs etc, have outperformed our initial system.

All the documentation is accessible at the press of a button, needless to say we are proud to be affiliated with you and with this level of professionalism.

Mrs. V. Donjeany
LEPRO Corporation CC, South Africa.

We have been using FlinkISO as our Quality Management Software for the past few years and we are extremely satisfied with the software and services offered.

The support team installed the software for us and worked with us to customize our Quality Management website which made the transition from a paper-based system to an online one effortless.

They always respond promptly to any questions or inquiries and have processed our web customization requests with speed and reliability.

I would highly recommend their services.

Priyangi Perera
Pro-Lab Diagnostics, Round Rock, Texas.

Siemens Ltd.
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