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With free API access and drag & drop HTML forms, organisation can customise the entire application as per their QMS requirments without any coding.

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  • Integrated with ONLYOFFICE Doc Editors

  • Create Edit documents/ spreadsheet from within the browser

  • Save on multiple office software licenses

  • Share, Collaborate, Live Chat

  • Document Version Control

  • Store, Access, View, Download documents from centralized location

  • PDF Exports with Password Protection and Digital Signature

  • Records every view and download history

Document Version Control with ONLYOFFICE Integration

FlinkISO Ver-2.x is integrated with the amazing ONLYOFFICE Editors. ONLYOFFICE supports nearly all office documents, spreadsheets & presentations without compromising on design, layout, content or even formulas!

In all our previous versions, we were using web based HTML editors, which often resulted in loss of structure, design accuracy and incorrect layouts. ONLYOFFICE provided the best and most cost-effective alternative to this. With ONLYOFFICE, you can uploaded any of your office documents within FlinkISO and ONLYOFFICE Editors will render those documents without losing any of the formatting

How does FlinkISO – ONLYOFFICE integration work?


upload qms document Add your existing office documents or spreadsheets to the system with ease. When you are on the Add New Document page, upload your existing document from your system, along with the document META details like name, number, issue, revision dates etc. FlinkISO QMS will automatically link the newly uploaded document with the these META details and this document will be available for view/ edit in ONLYOFFICE Editors.


create qms document You can also create the entire document within the system by selecting the Add Blank option. This will add a blank document/ spreadsheet and link it with the new record. Once the record is created, you can make changes to this document either by yourself or with your team.


collaborate While you are saving the initial record/ document, you can select the Document Editors from the available users in the system. These users will have exclusive rights to make changes to this document. With ONLYOFFICE Editors, you can collaborate live with these users and make changes to this document.

Live Chat

live chat Chat option is available when two or more users are logged in and editing the same document. You can send Live Messages to each other while co-authoring the document.


share qms document Once the document is ready, editors can share the document with multiple users. Only editors can make any future edits to the document, all other users will have View and Download PDF option only.

Document Version control

document version control Every time any editor makes any change to the document, a new version of the document is created upon Save. At the bottom-left corner of the document editor, users are able to see all the previous Version Numbers of the document. User can click on any of the version numbers and that version will be loaded into the editor.


What Clients Say?

The FlinkISO Online System certainly has revolutionized our business, it certainly allows us to work "smarter, not harder".

The online tracker, database, reports and graphs etc, have outperformed our initial system.

All the documentation is accessible at the press of a button, needless to say we are proud to be affiliated with you and with this level of professionalism.

Mrs. V. Donjeany
LEPRO Corporation CC, South Africa.

We have been using FlinkISO as our Quality Management Software for the past few years and we are extremely satisfied with the software and services offered.

The support team installed the software for us and worked with us to customize our Quality Management website which made the transition from a paper-based system to an online one effortless.

They always respond promptly to any questions or inquiries and have processed our web customization requests with speed and reliability.

I would highly recommend their services.

Priyangi Perera
Pro-Lab Diagnostics, Round Rock, Texas.

Siemens Ltd.
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