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Free Version

Download, install and use the application on your premise. No restrictions or user-based license. You only pay us for the APIs whenever you want to use them. 1 month free API access.



Startup Plan

We help you deploy the application on your server. We install FlinkISO and ONLYOFFICE on your premise, provide training and support for first 3 months. No long term contract.

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Enterprise Support

We help you install the application along with ONLYOFFICE on your premise. You get free training, priority support (TAT <12hrs), free access to APIs and updates & upgrades.

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Why FlinkISO?


You install FlinkISO On-Premise Edition on your own server. FlinkISO is Open Source, which means it comes with a freedom to edit code, and you can add your own IT polices & restrictions to the application. Moreover, all the data & documents resides on your own server and you have complete control over it.

Control On Data:

With On-premise edition, you host the application and database on your own servers. You can either host application & database server on a single server, or on multiple servers. Since both are installed at your location, you have full control over your data and its access points.

Secuere Document Management:

You can install ONLYOFFICE Document Editor for your document management software on your premise instead of using third party servers. This will provide you with a greater control & security of your documents and document sharing. Once ONLYOFFICE is installed at your premise, no data would flow out of your infrastructure. You are create, share, destribute secure copies, export PDF, collaborate with your team and version control documents.

Cost Effective:

FlinkISO is a free quality management software and one of the best qms software available. We charge only for the APIs (which are also free for a limited period) & if you opt in for any services like

  1. Installation
  2. Training
  3. Additional Customisation

We have comprehensive documentation available which you can refer to and also use our forum (https://forum.flinkiso.com/) if you have any difficulty. All the services we offer are optional. You can avail any of these services if you need to with no long term contracts or compulsory payment. However, you can opt in for our Annual Contract which includes

  1. Installation
  2. Training
  3. Priority Support
  4. Kickstart application with support for adding documents, creating masters, users and custom HTML forms.
  5. Regular Updates, Upgrades & bug fixes

We will actively work with your team and help them build the application as per your documents & processes in short time and will continue our priority support throughout the contract.

  • Startup Plan

    We will setup the application for you.
    Our team will actively work with you during the process.
    We will help you building your Custom HTML forms.
    You will learn how to use the system efficiently.

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    • Benefits!

    • Free Installation
    • Free Training
    • Free API access for 3 months
    • Priority Support for 3 months
    • No Contracts/ Long Term Commitments
    • Use application without any restrictions after 3 months

What Clients Say?

The FlinkISO Online System certainly has revolutionized our business, it certainly allows us to work "smarter, not harder".

The online tracker, database, reports and graphs etc, have outperformed our initial system.

All the documentation is accessible at the press of a button, needless to say we are proud to be affiliated with you and with this level of professionalism.

Mrs. V. Donjeany
LEPRO Corporation CC, South Africa.

We have been using FlinkISO as our Quality Management Software for the past few years and we are extremely satisfied with the software and services offered.

The support team installed the software for us and worked with us to customize our Quality Management website which made the transition from a paper-based system to an online one effortless.

They always respond promptly to any questions or inquiries and have processed our web customization requests with speed and reliability.

I would highly recommend their services.

Priyangi Perera
Pro-Lab Diagnostics, Round Rock, Texas.

Siemens Ltd.
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    On Cloud

    Start your 45 days On-Cloud QMS trial. No payment required. One free training session included. Live chat & email support.


    On Premise

    Download Free Quality Management Software On-Premise Edition. Installation, Training, Support Services on-demand.

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